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Because of the enormous number of users who visit this site, it is not always possible to answer individual questions regarding real estate matters or to recommend (or not recommend) individual companies or programs. However, questions for possible use in the Rental Roundtable column (San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Real Estate section, the Los Angeles Times Sunday Real Estate section and the San Diego Union-Tribune Sunday Homes section) or on Real Estate Today! on NewsRadio AM600 KOGO, Saturdays, 10am to 11am, are welcome.

As always, it should be understood that Robert S. Griswold, CRE, CPM, CCIM, ARM is a California real estate broker who can offer only general advice and commentary in the Rental Roundtable column and on Real Estate Today! with Robert Griswold. For time sensitive issues or specific legal, investment, financial, tax, accounting, and/or other questions please contact an appropriate professional.

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